Listening is an art, when people have someone to listen to, share difficult stories, be themselves, get emotional release, and then be a fresher person, receive Find out what you need and worry less.

We believe that a conversation with the Listener is much better than hiding our difficulties and problems in silence. Moreover, a meeting, sincere talk, listening to what someone feels are much better than a superficial connection on social networks.

With the desire to build a team of friendly, reliable and dedicated Listeners, who will contribute to improving the quality of spiritual life in the community, Tago wishes to find potential and promising candidates to join us. I realize the humanity of Listener service.

🌿 Requirements for "Listeners:

💁 Create Profile

👉 A clear representative image, the owner

👉 Detailed description, customers will understand more about you through what you share.

👉 Clear and complete personal information.

👉 Successfully complete KYC

👉 Service packages are priced at 0 VND.

Note: For quality and impressive Profiles, get reviews from Tago and you will be rewarded with 50 $Tago.

💁 Benefits of Listeners:

👉 With 15 minutes service package, you get 100 $TAGO

👉 With 20 minutes service package, you get 150 $TAGO

👉 With 30 minutes service package, you get 200 $TAGO


In addition, packages with a longer duration will be set according to your requirements.

- Customers will rate the quality of the conversation. For bookings of 3 stars or more, you get an additional 50 $TAGO

- You can participate in buying tokens at the investor's price of 0.013$

(Token is paid at Private price)

Note: Valid until December 31, 2022

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