💁 When you become a Tagoverse Ambassador, you will receive the following benefits:

1/ Reward: 5000 $Tago

2/ Opportunity to exchange and cooperate with large cryptocurrency organizations and communities. Participate in major project events.

3/ Play an important role on Tago's social channels like Facebook, Telegram and others.

4/ Be one of the first to share information before publicly launching the community.

5/ Created your own ritual for your community. 

6/ Get the White List INO & IDO of Tago.

7/ Participate in some important meetings with the Tago team.

8/ Top 3 are recruited as Mod of Tago.

9/ Top 10 can use the Talk & Earn version 2 days before the community.

10/ Tago service is available at a 10% discount. 

11/ 10% discount + Attractive sales bonus after becoming an Ambassador.

12/ Letter of thanks from CEO Tago

💁 Please fill out the following form to register: https://forms.gle/s376ov8vGmUTQJrn9


Finding more information about Tago at:

🌐 All TagoVerse information: https://linktr.ee/Tagoapp

✈️ Tago Social Channel: https://linktr.ee/TagoVerse